Nicehash to Currency converter instructions

Copy of my Reddit post:

There is three Nicehash-to-Currency converters exists now:

Sample is for Gridcoin site, others are similar.

You visit the site and enter your Gridcoin address in the form. You’ll get settings page:

Your settings from converter

You receive two important things here, BTC address and worker name.

Also you need some Nicehash software, you can download it from Nicehash official github:

After install and launch you’ll get next screen:

Nicehash start screen

You don’t need that QR code, press «Enter NiceHash Mining Address Manually» at the bottom.

Entering BTC address manually

You need to enter BTC address from converter settings here and press save. Then you got the next screen:

Main mining screen

Important step. You should press «Worker name» at the left bottom corner and enter your worker name from converter settings.

Setting your personal worker name

Don’t forget to press save after.

Without correct worker name converter cannot find links between your address and your rig. Your mining reward will be lost.

That’s all, you can start mining and receive coin by your choose: Gridcoin, Dogecoin or Banano.


There is several payouts steps existed.

  1. Nicehash increases balances of the rigs. You can see it in the «Unpaid» column in your rigs.
  2. When balance of all rigs become bigger than 1000 satoshi, internal payout happened. Those satoshis add to main balance. At the same time Nicehash converter add that payout to queue.
  3. Once a day converter do payouts to your wallets.